World-class sport events at Aspire Zone

The centrepiece of Doha’s Sports City

Rising to international prominence in the heart of Doha’s Sports City complex, Qatar's Aspire Zone boasts some of the world's finest sports venues. It offers unique sports arenas in Qatar that include activities, sports medicine and research. In addition, it’s considered an education destination for the international sports industry. Aspire Zone can service the highest sporting demands that range from hosting major sports events to training and pre-competition camps. Furthermore, conferences, research and sport treatment services can all be accessed at this location.

Aspire Zone provides venue management services for numerous sports in Qatar, including football, athletics, swimming, diving, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, handball, martial arts, squash, table tennis, fencing and many more outdoor/indoor sports.

The internationally renowned Aspire Academy Qatar offers a comprehensive sports education program and unprecedented facilities of international calibre for world-class sport events.

In addition, ASPETAR Qatar Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Hospital, including its FIFA accredited Medical Centre of Excellence, meets international standards in its treatment of orthopaedic problems and athletic injuries. It also uses established best practices and the latest technology to guide patients from rehabilitation to complete recovery.

Aspire LOGISTICS is the third of the strategic business partner and it has grown out of the Sport City Project, which was responsible for building the award-winning facilities that make Aspire Zone such an awe-inspiring precinct. Furthermore, Aspire LOGISTICS is the custodian for Aspire Zone’s facilities and manages the venues and the international sport activities they attract.

Khalifa Stadium

With spectacular style and magnificent illumination, Khalifa Stadium has set a new benchmark for both architectural possibilities and the features it encompasses. More than a stadium, it retains a unique style and aesthetic expression of its own. Khalifa Stadium is finely tuned to attract events on a continual basis for the fast-growing industry of sports and entertainment in Qatar. The stadium's facilities are well tailored to host major sports events in Doha of international standard, particularly football and athletics.

Hamad Aquatic Centre

The Hamad Aquatic Centre is set over five floors and is themed around ultra-modern facilities for water sports in Qatar. This international aquatic complex has numerous facilities for swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and water polo as well as other aquatic activities.

Aspire Dome

Aspire Dome is credited as the world's largest indoor, multi-purpose dome, offering the highest quality facilities for multiple sports and international events. The total seating capacity of Aspire Dome is 15,500 across thirteen separate multi-sport halls and it adjoins Aspire Academy Qatar.

Ladies Sports Hall

The Ladies Sports Hall is designed to provide indoor facilities for court sports such as basketball, handball and volleyball. It can also accommodate entertainment events and functions. The features of this multi-functional arena include a 2,500-seat main arena with a sprung wooden floor and a video screen, a two-court training hall with a sprung floor, offices, functions rooms and a cafeteria.