The Torch Doha chefs completed Salon Culinaire (Diyafa 2012)…

Present for the second time at Qatar's biggest hospitality sector dedicated event, The Torch Doha chefs came back with 24 medals. A major highlight of the event, Salon Culinaire (Chefs' Competition) attracted the country's leading chefs which competed across sixteen categories while being evaluated by a judging panel made up of International culinary and hospitality experts.

Congratulations to all chefs awarded and to our Executive Chef Kamil Karaca for leading a highly competitive team.

Our Chefs have competed in various categories, including live demonstrations of fruit carving, ice carving, secret box live cooking 3-course menu, signature dish and asthaetically beautiful master showpieces.

The chefs attended the seventh edition of Diyafa Exhibition with a clear mission in mind - to provide exquisite culinary masterpieces. With their skills and passion for fine dining they have managed to convince the audience and International judges that we at The Torch Doha have stepped out to the plate with high caliber cuisine.

24 medals have been awarded to The Torch Doha chefs out of which 3 gold, 4 silver and 17 bronze.Chef Krishna Beeharee - 2 Gold Medals; Signature Dish (Live Demonstration)

Chef Dinuka Thanoj Wataraka ; Silver - Wedding Cake

2 x Bronze - Fresh Fours; Live Demonstration Three Course Menu (Dessert)

Chef Motee Greejanand - Gold Medal Five Course Set Menu

Rodel Mabras Noja - 2 Silver Medals: Chocolate Showpiece & Ice Carving

Chef Gayan Chanaka Pathirage - 3 Bronze Medals Wedding Cake;

Novelty Cake; Fresh Fours

Chef Venkatesh Subbaraj - 2 Bronze Medals Chocolate Showpiece; Novelty Cake

Chef Prasad Arachchillage - 2 Bronze Medals

Fresh Fours; Wedding Cake

Chef Vinod Kumar Kesavan - Silver Medal Bread Display

Chef Lakshita Heshan Don - Bronze Medal Bread Display

Chef Krishna Kumar Dhamala - Bronze Medal Five Course Set Menu

Chef Asep Salepudin - Bronze Medal Bread Display

Chef Manjula Indika - Bronze Medal Master Showpiece

Chef Hani Mohammed - Bronze Medal

Three Course Set Menu (Live Demonstration, Team of 2)

Chef Osama Dammad- Bronze Medal Arabic Mezza

Chef Faye Manalo - Bronze Medal Chocolate Showpiece

Chef Maria Vanessa Daguplo - Bronze Medal Novelty Cake