The Torch Doha welcomes guests attending the second edition…

The Torch Doha is delighted to welcome again guests attending the second edition of Doha GOALS Forum taking place in Aspire Dome from 9-11th December 2013.

Doha GOALS is the premier platform for world leaders to advance social initiatives through Sport. An initiative with the express intent of empowering stakeholders to create a roadmap for social improvement through sport, and launch cross-border initiatives. The 2013 edition of Doha GOALS will be focused on practitioners, working groups and public-private partnerships. For more information on the event and Guest Speakers visit

Focusing on the continued development of the Doha GOALS community, the forum has built an online and on-site platform – online and on site – to facilitate knowledge transfer between participants. In addition, mentorship sessions with some of our sporting champions and business leaders will be available for the first time for participants and our 400 student ambassadors, to be booked in advance. Check out the next day's events here

To view the full schedule of the event click here