Alain Robert Scales the The Torch Doha Hotel bare-handed

French "Spiderman" Wows Fans in a Spectacular Display of Physical Strength and Endurance

Doha, Qatar (12 April, 2012) - Alain Robert, nicknamed the French "Spiderman", left spectators speechless yesterday as he ascended the 300m tall The Torch Doha Hotel without the use of a safety rope and harness in a record time of 1hr 33min 47sec.

In an attempt to set a world record, Robert climbed the structure in the presence of Guinness World Records and amongst an audience of thousands. A natural-born athlete, Robert wowed onlookers as he lithely scaled the hotel.

After the climb, Robert said, "I wasn't scared but there were a lot of factors that made it extremely difficult for me to reach the top of The Torch, including the wind and the structure of the building. I wasn't able to turn around but I could hear the crowd below cheering for me. I hope to come back soon to Aspire Zone in Doha."

Andrea Banfi, the representative of Guinness World Records who awarded Robert with the fastest time climbing up The Torch Doha Hotel, stated, "He is setting the record and it is very exciting for us."

Sasha Heflin, a visitor from Dallas, Texas, stated: "This is my first time in Qatar and I feel very lucky that I happened to be here at the same time of the event. Watching him reach the top makes me and my children feel like we can achieve whatever we set our minds to!"

Tamim Hamad Buhindi, who watched the event unfold with his brother Saif, excitedly exclaimed, "Aspire always has the best events - I love coming down here! I feel like I am watching Spiderman in real life climb the building."

The once-in-a-lifetime event was streamed live through the Aspire Zone Foundation website, giving not only Doha residents the chance to witness the incredible feat, but also individuals from around the region.

Robert has scaled over 85 giant structures around the globe, most of which he has ascended using only with his bare hands and climbing shoes. More information here.

Gerhard Foltin, General Manager of The Torch Doha Hotel, said "We are really grateful that Spiderman is here at the Torch. It was a great event, seeing him climb such an iconic building, and he has great character. We hope to see him again."

Well-known for climbing unassisted, the 50-year-old has conquered more than 70 skyscrapers, including the Empire State Building, Chicago's Willis Tower, and the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. More information about previous climbs here.

Alain's climb will be internationally broadcasted and feature in a movie production telling the story of an extraordinary human adventure.

The Alain Robert climb was organized in collaboration with The Torch Doha Hotel and the Aspire Zone Foundation.