Fire drill evacuation exercise conducted at The Torch Doha

The Torch Doha has conducted a fire drill exercise on Thursday, November 15th 2012 in the presence of Civil Defence Department. To enforce safety and security training, the evacuation exercise involved all members of staff and guests in the hotel and was completed in a short period of time.

All staff members are fully aware of safety procedures and safety evacuation measures and assisted guests to nearest emergency exits and outside assembly points.

The Torch treats as top priority the guests' safety and security and has intensified staff training. In this regard hotel employees have been trained on how to conduct a full evacuation in case of any emergency.

The Torch Doha General Manager, Mr. Gerhard Foltin declared: "We do treat as top priority compliance to safety regulations. We realised that we have to be the ones to initiate and enforce staff training. We have trained people from all departments on how to identify emergency exits, how to use extinguishers and safety equipment and most importantly assist guests. It is imperative that staff do not panic in such circumstances and the only way to ensure that is through consistent training."

The evacuation drill has been successfully executed considering the 300m height and shape of the tower and also the location of various outlets and rooms.

The exercise was part of the newly implemented routine training and Civil Defence has commented positively on the hotel's evacuation exercise.

Alexander Fernandes employed in the Housekeeping department at The Torch says:"I am glad I have attended the safety and security training and I'm also an ERT (Emergency Response Team) member. We attend such trainings on a regular basis and that gives us more confidence in case of emergencies. We are aware of all steps -using safety equipment, checking the rooms, assisting guests to exit points and this makes the evacuation process easier and saves lives in the end."