Municipality lauds The Torch Doha for hygiene standards

The Torch Doha welcomed a delegation from Al Rayyan Municipality on a training inspection aimed at establishing best hygiene practices and getting future hygiene inspectors accustomed with procedures as such.

Represented by Mr. Majdy Burhan Zidan, Al Rayyan Municipality Head of Hygiene and Dr. Abeer Saad from the Ministry of Health, the officials were joined by soon-to-be hygiene inspectors, currently students at North Atlantic Qatar College.

The municipality officials along with the students inspected all hygiene aspects and on-site kitchen operations at The Torch Doha Hotel. They stressed on the importance of correct storage measures, temperature control and food preparation procedures and commented positively on the hotel’s hygiene standards.

The students along with their supervisors found the visit interactive and educational. All information gathered at The Torch Doha will be used for future reference in municipality best-practice hygiene guides.

The Torch Doha General Manager, Mr. Gerhard Foltin declared: “We are always glad to welcome students to our hotel to examine our hospitality practices. We are honored to have been nominated by Al Rayyan Municipality as a positive example in terms of hygiene standards and to offer a studying ground for future hygiene inspectors of Qatar.”