Reaching Heights through Sports - breaking records on Qatar…

Encouraging staff activities on Qatar Sports National Day 2012

The Torch Doha has organised a "Tower Run / Walk" for its employees to celebrate Qatar's National Sports Day (QNSD) on February 14th 2012. Currently with 230 members of staff of 30 different nationalities, The Torch Doha is located in the middle of Aspire Zone - Doha's Sports City. The Tower Run / Walk welcomed the hotel employees and took place on Tuesday 14th February 2012 from 10.00am to 12.00noon.

The initiative was part of the overall national celebrations aimed at raising awareness of the importance of physical health in Qatar. The competitors along with the hotel General Manager, Mr. Gerhard Foltin took the challenge to reach The Torch Doha 51st floor.

Records were broken as the General Manager, Mr. Gerhard Foltin is the first and only hotel manager in Doha who took the challenge and reached the top 51st floor of The Torch Doha on foot. Many of the participants reached the 51st floor and received certificates and awards for their performances.

The Torch Doha General Manager, Mr. Gerhard Foltin says: "It was great to see so many staff members participating in the Tower Run / Walk, which means people got excited about our initiative. I myself took the challenge of the Run / Walk as I had to set the pace for my staff. Nationality or age has no meaning when it comes to sports, and by managing to complete this mammoth task and reach on foot the 51st floor of the hotel proved my point.

As The Torch is embodying the spirit of the 2006 Asian Games and so became the iconic landmark of Qatar after holding the highest Olympic flame to date, we thought it was nice to take the lead by organising this competition for our own staff. It was definitely a one-of-a-kind fitness exercise which increased excitement and staff morale levels."

The Tower Run / Walk was aimed at those who enjoy sport and want to inspire others to live active life's. It was a fun event which was concluded with a special lunch organised for all hotel employees. Participants at the Tower Run / Walk received a certificate along with their photo taken and special prizes.